Fighting Covid-19

Helping Fight Covid-19

AG Machining is actively involved in the efforts to help defeat the Coronavirus through our production of much needed parts for ventilators, dialysis machines and other medical equipment used in hospitals and clinics throughout the country. Because we are part of a much needed supply chain, we are also taking special precautions to ensure the health of our employees through the use of masks when not at individual workstations, frequent hand washing, and surface sanitizing. We also have a strict policy for the practice of social distancing during this crucial period in order to further protect our people and others.

During a recent hospital tour by Vice President Mike Pence, a Terumo BCT Trima Accel® Automated Blood Collection System​ is seen next to a convalescent plasma donor, and many of the parts used in the manufacture of the unit were produced and assembled by AG Machining. We are very proud to be a part of the solution!

The image gallery on this page has a few examples of the parts our skilled workers are producing that go into the units that are helping to save lives.